After 3 years of delay with a lot of determination and relentless efforts, the inaugural Techcombank Ha Noi Marathon finally took place and ended successfully.

In the last three years, we have got a thousand stories to tell. No one would have expected it to rain in September, no one would have thought that Hanoi would be windy today, and all the difficulties would come at once. However, together we overcame them all.

Dear Hanoi, although our journey to you was full of ups and downs, thank you to the capital for countless emotions and unforgettable memories. Somehow, the rain today accidentally fell right at the start and gradually stopped when the athletes accelerated to the finish line. Emotions burst with the beautiful scenery of autumn, the rain drizzled softly throughout the whole course, everyone from the Athletes to the crew members came together to paint a most uniquely beautiful picture in the heart of our dear capital.

Hanoi, thank you. Thank you Hanoi, thank you for accompanying us to create a memorable race.

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