Check In & Race Kit Pick Up Authorization Instruction

Should athletes wish to authorize another person to check in and collect Race Kit on their behaves, please follow the below instruction:

  1. The legal slot owner is to declare required information in the Authorization Form provided by the Organizer (here).
  2. Deadline of the Authorization form is extended until on 20/09/2022 12:00PM. Those who have not submitted the form beforehand can still authorize another person to check-in and collect Race Kit on the event day at the Customer Center. The authorized person must have:
    – Authorized person’s ID
    – Legal slot owner’s ID
    – Legal slot owner’s QR code check-in
  3. The process of Check-in and Race Kit collection for authorized representatives at the event, please reach out at Customer Counter.


The Customer Center is expected to be extremely busy on the event day. Therefore, in order for the Organizer to deliver the best experience to all of you, completing the Authorization form before the above-mentioned deadline is highly recommended.

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