“Inherit, Transform, Develop, Excel” – all were encapsulated in the design and creation of the medal with a very special meaning of the first season.

Every little detail depicted on the Medal clearly shows the relationship between tradition, modernity and the future. It is the preservation of the national identity through the image of famous heritages: Dong Son Drum, Hoan Kiem Lake, Nhat Tan Bridge,… It is the connection of the past and the present, the transformation to rise strong through the image of a silk ribbon winding like a racetrack stretching across the city. The hope towards a better tomorrow with copper yellow – the color of the future, the color of fresh energy.

Above all with our determination we will create a “GREATER FOOTPRINT” through the unique track of the Inaugural Techcombank Ha Noi Marathon 2022. This is a special point so that when you look back, the efforts, finishing moments, the incredible experiences on the track will all be reproduced through this Medal.

Let’s start practicing now so that we can together create a Greater Footprint and preserve the glorious achievement with a “Treasure” which is a Medal!

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