Hydration Station Notices

To support and energize the “racing warriors”, there will be a total of 28 water stations to provide: water, Ion Supply Drink, bananas, watermelon (for all distances) and energy gel (for marathons).

In addition, restrooms will be arranged at some hydration stations to serve athletes.

The hydration stations are located approximately 1.8 km. In addition, there will be 02 stations in the Start Line (one for 10km & 5km and one for Marathon & Half-Marathon) and 01 Station at the Finish Line.

If you need more energy, slow down to the Hydration Stations. If you do not need any products from a Hydration Station please avoid running too close to it because you might block other athletes getting what they need.

There will be signs along the Hydration Station listing what is on offer. Volunteers will also be advising what they are holding. Please help the volunteers to help you by communicating politely as per your needs.

Hopefully this #RunTalks information will help you have a better experience when competing at the Inaugural Techcombank Ha Noi Marathon on September 25, 2022!

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