Step into the marathon race alongside thousands of runners, each with their own unique story and motivation to strive for the finish line. You don’t have to be a professional athlete to complete the challenging Marathon distance; with perseverance and surpassing your limits every day, you can achieve it.

Let’s listen to the sharing of Mrs. Bui Thi Hong Minh – an experienced runner about the motivations that have helped her maintain training and complete the Marathon distance 8 times.

“The nature of my sedentary office job left me with a weak physical condition and frequent bouts of motion sickness. That’s why I turned to running to improve my health. To motivate myself to maintain my training, I decided to participate in running races, and after each race, making friends and connecting with fellow runners from all over the country gave me additional motivation..

Gradually, not only I but also my family, friends, and colleagues started running together. What I value the most is not only the improvement in my health but also the inspiration it brings to those around me.


Nobody is born with a physique ready for the marathon distance. It’s not just about conquering 42.195km; it’s a journey to become a better version of yourself, overcoming both mental and physical barriers.

Let’s listen to Bui Minh Hai’s story, a student who was on the verge of failing Physical Education to conquering the marathon distance.

“When it comes to running, especially in a full marathon, the greatest challenge is consistent training and maintaining your performance during the entire race.

To ensure you have adequate training, having a training plan is crucial, and more importantly, you need to stick to that plan. Throughout the training process, there will be many difficulties, such as managing your time for training, overcoming harsh weather conditions, and conquering the boredom of solo workouts.

I was inspired by a quote from Ethiopian athlete Haile Gebrselassie: “You need three things to win: discipline, hard work and, before everything maybe, commitment. No one will make it without those three. Sport teaches you that.”

During the Inaugural Techcombank Ha Noi Marathon, from the chilly rain at the Starting Line to the scorching hot stretch along the dike, I reflected on how I prepared for this journey, how I started running to motivate myself to complete the race, and finally, I crossed the finish line exactly as planned.””


What about you? How did you come to running? Share with us and fellow runners right away! Don’t forget to inspire the community and join us by securing a ticket to participate in the marathon event this autumn!


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