Are you an experienced runner looking for a new challenge and a sense of accomplishment? Look no further than the full marathon distance at The 2nd edition of the Techcombank Ha Noi Marathon. Here’s why you should give it a shot:

  1. Push Your Limits: A full marathon is the ultimate test of endurance, mental strength, and perseverance. You will never know your true limits until you take your first steps past the start line and cross that Finish Line.
  2. Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle: Training for a marathon requires committing to a long-term plan with a combination of exercises, which will help improve your habits alongside your physical and mental health.
  3. Explore Hanoi From A New Perspective: The race course is designed to take you through 5 districts, showcasing landmarks that blend tradition and modernity in Hanoi.
  4. Become a Part of the Community: You’ll be surrounded by like-minded companions who share the same passion you. Experience the enthusiastic support of your family, friends, volunteers, locals, and fellow participants, who will cheer you on at every milestone along the way.



Get ready for your marathon with a 12-week training plan

To get ready for the Marathon distance at The 2nd edition of Techcombank Ha Noi Marathon, let’s update our basic 12-week training schedule from now to race day!

  • Weeks 1-4: Start slow and gradually increase mileage. Don’t forget strength training and cross-training to build overall fitness.
  • Weeks 5-8: Boost intensity with tempo runs and speed workouts. Keep up the strength training and focus on nutrition and hydration.
  • Weeks 9-12: Reach peak mileage with long runs and fine-tune your race-day strategies. Rest and recovery are key!

Tips: Listen to your body, invest in good gear, find a running buddy, and trust the process. You’ve got this!


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