1. Participants:

Children who have registered for the KIDS RUN 2023 (1.5 km/ 3 km distance) as part of the 2nd edition of The Techcombank Ha Noi Marathon. 

  1. How to participate in the contest:

– Step 1: Follow and like the KIDS RUN Fanpage at: https://www.facebook.com/KIDSRUNVietNam 

– Step 2: Fill in the required information and submit the contestant’s photo using the provided link: https://forms.gle/69EJVbyw3cqKh4Gs9. The entry photo must meet all the criteria mentioned in section 4. 

– Step 3: Encourage family/friends to vote by liking, commenting, and sharing the contestant’s photo in the dedicated contest album that will be posted by the Organizer on the KIDS RUN Fanpage at 6:00 PM on September 11th, 2023. 

  1. Prizes:

– For each distance (1.5 km and 3 km), three entry photos with the highest votes will be selected and awarded three Gogobike bicycles (Raptor Plus 20 / Raptor Plus 24). You can learn more about Gogobike’s bicycles for children HERE

– The entry photo will be printed and presented to the parents and children on the check-in day of the event. 

  1. Criteria for submitting entry photos: 

– The entry photo should capture the child’s training moments related to any physical activities such as running, cycling, swimming, playing football, etc. The photo can feature the child alone or with their parents. 

– Each child is allowed to submit only one contest entry photo. If parents have more than one child registered for KIDS RUN 2023, please complete the registration steps and submit the entry photo separately for each child. 

– The photo should be of high quality, avoiding excessive blurriness or difficulty in visibility.

  1. Submission period:

From 7:00 PM, September 6th, 2023 to 12:00 PM, September 11th, 2023. The registration link will automatically close after this time. 

  1. Voting period:

From 6:00 PM, September 11th, 2023 to 11:59 PM, September 13th, 2023. 

  1. Announcement of Results:

The results will be announced by the Organizer at 12:00 PM on September 15th, 2023 on KIDS RUN Fanpage. 

  1. Criteria for winning:

– The Organizer will calculate the points and award prizes to the entry photos with the highest scores (for each distance) using the following scoring method: 

  • The total score is determined by the total number of Likes, Loves, Cares, Comments, and Shares of the uploaded photo in the dedicated contest album on the KIDS RUN Fanpage:
    1 Like, Love, Care = 1 point
    1 Comment = 2 points
    1 Share = 3 points

– The winning entry photo must have a total score of at least 30 points (Likes + Comments + Shares)

– Comments from the same person, regardless of the quantity, will only count as 1 comment equivalent to 2 points. 

– Meaningless comments or comments unrelated to the contest theme or containing advertising, defamation, or attacks will not be counted, and the Organizer reserves the right to delete them without prior notice to the commenter. 

– In case of the entry photos with the same score, priority will be given to the entry submitted earlier. 


For any questions related to the contest, please directly comment below the contest announcement on the Fanpage or contact via email media@sunriseevents.com.vn  


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