HT Fitness Vietnam was born with the mission to expedite training using evidence-based science, alter misconceptions about fitness and debunk all the myths. 

For the past 5 years, we have not only directly brought about the ideal body shapes for more than a thousand clients but also indirectly impacted on the accurate perceptions and knowledge of a proportion of the Fitness community throughout our nationwide Fitness courses.

HT Fitness is not made for everyone, but for those who are committed to achieving wellness. With the core values formulated by specialized knowledge and skills and evidence-based science, we have always aspired to contribute to the process of enhancing the well-being and physique of the Vietnamese.

Coming to the 2nd Edition of the Techcombank Hanoi Marathon, we bring an athletic spirit, a solid foundation and a professional attitude that is always ready to accompany and assist all athletes along. 

Wishing you excellent preparation and shining brightly in this edition!

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