Acute pain comes and goes, leaving an unforgettable sense of discomfort.
Don’t worry, just call the ‘cool breeze’ to blow away acute pain with Salonsip patches:

Reducing acute pain: the cold gel layer combined with medicinal ingredients in Salonsip provides an instant cooling sensation, soothing muscles and quickly relieving pain.

Suitable for large muscle areas: the patch has a large size that easily covers the entire muscle area, stretches well in joint-moving areas, helping to effectively reduce pain. The detachable film layer in between also allows for easy self-application.

Extremely reasonable price: only 20,600 VND per 2-piece pack.

Learn more about the product here:

Dedicated to delivering utmost support to the runners of the 2nd Edition of the Techcombank Hanoi Marathon, Salonpas, serving as a product sponsor, will ensure inclusion of thousands of Salonsip cold adhesive products in the Athletes’ Race Kit.

Wishing all runners the best preparation for the race and great achievements on September 17th, 2023.