• Before the QR Code is provided, it’s essential to have your e-Waiver signed. Please give the following instructions your full attention.
  • If you’re unable to sign the e-Waiver through this email, you can attempt signing it directly on ActiUp’s website. Detailed information is available HERE
  • The signature and information of the signatory will be those of the legal guardian of the children. The signatory will also be responsible for the Check-in and Race-Kit Procedure on behalf of the children at the event.
  • If you decide to authorize someone else for check-in and receiving the race kit on your behalf, kindly provide their details in step 4.2 and ensure your QR code is sent to the authorized person.
  1. Open the email with the subject [The 2nd edition of the Techcombank Ha Noi Marathon] Ký xác thực điện tử của bạn / Sign your e-Waiver sent from no-reply@actiup-hub.net.
  2. Click the Sign your e-Waiver button to advance to the next step (as shown below).

3. You will check the registration information on the new screen. Should you find any discrepancies in your registration information, please contact us via (+84) 989 024 825 or send an email to marathontcbhn@sunriseevents.com.vn for assistance.

4. After ensuring that your registration information is correct:

4.1. Those who will personally check in to receive the race kit: please select NGƯỜI THAM DỰ TỰ NHẬN TẠI SỰ KIỆN and click the TIẾP THEO button to proceed to the liability waiver signing step.

4.2  Those who wish to authorize someone else to check in and receive the race kit on their behalf: can select ỦY QUYỀN NHẬN THAY, and provide the necessary information of the authorized person. Then click the TIẾP THEO button to proceed to the liability waiver signing step (as shown below).

5. Read and review the Liability Waiver document, then sign in the CHỮ KÝ ĐIỆN TỬ section and click the GỬI button.

6. Check your email inbox and find the email with the subject OTP Verification sent from no-reply@actiup-hub.net. The OTP code consists of 4 digits. Please enter this code within the validity period and click XÁC NHẬN to complete the Liability Waiver signing (as shown below). Note: The OTP code is valid for only 2 minutes. If you haven’t received the OTP code after this time span, please click GỬI LẠI.

7. Verify that your electronic signature is present on the Liability Waiver document. Then, click TIẾP THEO to complete the electronic verification process.

8. After successful signing, you will receive a QR code for check-in and race kit collection at the event. You can download and save the QR code on your mobile devices. Additionally, an email with the subject [The 2nd edition of the Techcombank Ha Noi Marathon] – Ký miễn trừ trách nhiệm điện tử thành công / Signed e-Waiver successfully will be sent to your email inbox from no-reply@actiup-hub.net. This email will include the QR code, your registration information, the signed Liability Waiver document, and other event-related details.

As the event day approaches, we will continue to send you numerous emails containing important updates. Be sure to stay informed by following the Official Event’s Fanpage and Website for the latest information.

Wishing you a preparation period filled with excellence and efficiency as you get ready for your remarkable journey at the 2nd Edition of the Techcombank Hanoi Marathon.