Sunrise Events Vietnam (Representative of the Organizing Committee)

Hanoi Marathon Techcombank Season 2 on September 17, 2023 (Event)


The registration has shown your consent, and you have understood, agreed and ensured the terms set forth at the page: https://marathonhn.com and within the online registration system, regardless of whether you sign this agreement or not.

If other individuals participate in the contest, that person must be authorized and agree to abide by the terms and conditions below your name registered on https://marathohn.com and within the system Your registration system event.

These terms and conditions are in addition to the terms and conditions of the event registration page, made by 123go.vn.

I, the Athlete or the child’s parent/guardian, understand and agree to:

  1. I will consult all contest documents, complete registration and agree to the information, documents and procedures, and comply with all competition rules and regulations of the Organizer.
  2. My consent to participate in the event is based on the decision of the Organizer after reviewing all information and application form, including this disclaimer.
  3. I am fully qualified to participate in the contest without harming my health. I also agree that additional strength and endurance training is required to enter this competition to qualify for the competition.
  4. The Organizing Committee signs with individuals and organizations that are independent parties (not employees or authorized persons) to provide services and carry out related activities. I understand that the Organizer does not manage or control these independent parties. In addition, I accept that these activities take place on a physical basis that is not owned or controlled by the Organizer;
  5. The information provided in this application is incomplete, other activities are unpredictable, or the risks may occur and the Organizer does not guarantee absolute safety and exclude all risk. An Organizer representative can help if I have questions regarding the activities and risks involved.
  6. I will respect the rights and values of every individual at the event including athletes, volunteers and referees. I will always act in a professional and responsible manner, maintaining high standards and respecting my language and actions, and not discriminating against any individual with a different gender, gender, or gender identity. personality, ethnicity, religion, ability;
  7. I volunteered to participate in the contest with awareness of possible risks.
  8. All conflicts or claims I may arise in connection with this disclaimer, application or participation in activities, or relationships with the Organizer shall be settled according to the laws of Vietnam.
  9. If I register as a legal guardian, I have legal rights to action regarding this athlete and on behalf of this person.
  10. Regarding my relationship with the Organizer, I agree that this Disclaimer will take precedence over other applications or contracts that I may sign (to parties other than the Organizer). in contest activities.
  11. I authorize staff of the Organizer, representatives, contractors or medical personnel to assist me, transport me to medical facilities for treatment (which may include including evacuation, hospitalization, blood transfusion, surgery, and medication) as appropriate for my condition. I agree to pay all costs associated with care and transportation. I agree to provide (to the Organizer, insurance or health care providers, employees, representatives or related parties) my health information for the purpose of treatment, prescription prescription and other purposes.
  12. The Organizer, at any time, reserves the right to disqualify athletes from the competition, refuse to accept applications, and impose special terms. If I am disqualified or leave the competition at any time, I agree to be responsible for all costs of disqualification for any reason, medical reason, exclusion, or personal emergency situations. If my application is denied or rejected, I agree that the Organizer will not be liable for any costs or damages incurred to me or my family outside of the scope of the contest registration. In the event that the Organizer refuses or excludes a participant from the event (either before or during the event), the Organizer will not refund any participation costs if the participant has provided the following information. inaccurate information about eligibility to participate in the event at the time of registration or violate any relevant provisions of this Application. If I wish to withdraw from any event organized by the organizers, I must follow the specific withdrawal instructions posted on https://www.marathonhcmc.com.
  13. The Organizer may unilaterally postpone, modify, or cancel the event for any reason, including the unsafety of the competition conditions. In case the event is postponed, modified or canceled due to objective reasons (including without limitation, wind, rain, hail, storm, tornado, earthquake), terrorist activities , fire, threat or attack, work accident, flood, unavoidable loss, or any other cause beyond the control of the Organizer, athletes will NOT be refunded. REGISTRATION FEES or ANY COST related to the contest.
  14. Compulsory insurance in effect for any athlete in this event, or any future event of the Organizer, may not cover personal injury, loss or destruction caused by me.
  15. Payments on 123go.vn are non-refundable.
  16. I will notify the Organizer immediately if I notice an unsafety in the track, facilities, equipment or areas.
  17. My application for participation will not be transferred to other persons or entities. Transferring or allowing someone else to attend in my name will result in non-refundable registration, invalidation of insurance and disqualification from the Organizer’s events.
  18. I grant the Organizer and related departments the right to photograph, film, record and/or photograph in any form any information about me and my family such as name, picture, voice speech, written notices, images, rights to use and no compensation in communication purposes including broadcasts, publications, podcasts, brochures, CDs, DVDs, pages, platforms social media, television or related commercial, informational, educational, or promotional materials. I understand that all ownership and copyright rights in the images are owned by the Organizer and I waive any right of inspection or consent. I understand and agree that my name, bib number and race results will be made public during and after the event.
  19. I agree that my name and contact information will be included in the event’s database and, unless I do not specify, I will subscribe to other publications related to the Organizer including monthly newsletters and other promotional materials about upcoming events. I accept that I may opt out of these services at any time.
  20. I agree that if I do not wish to be included in the Organizer’s data, I will still receive newsletters related to the event to which I have registered. I also agree that it is my responsibility to read updates from https://marathonhn.com/en/ (if applicable).
  21. The Organizer can transfer this application to the units/individuals at any time, and the recipient has the right to keep this application.
  22. This disclaimer takes effect from the time the athlete registers to participate in the relevant activities from the time it is signed, and this form will remain in full force and effect until the completion of all events. of the competition.
  23. I agree to provide the name and contact information of an emergency contact person who may be available to assist during and after the event.
  24. I am fully responsible for the safety of personal property at the event and the Organizer will not be responsible for any loss.
  25. The Organizer provides the service in compliance with the laws of Vietnam, excluding liability related to death, physical or mental injury (including recurrent, or aggravated injury) or conditions associated with disease, behaviors that may harm athletes and the community.