Run Club Challenge

This challenge is for run clubs in Vietnam and the region to create a friendly and also thrilling rivalry. The run club representative please send an email to for registration.

Each member who participates and finishes The Inaugural Techcombank Ha Noi Marathon will score different amounts of points as listed in the table below:

42.195km 21.1km 10km MALE
Sub 3hrs 30mins Sub 1hrs 45mins Sub 45mins 100 150
Sub 4hrs Sub 2hrs Sub 50mins 80 100
Sub 5hrs Sub 2hrs 15mins Sub 55mins 40 80
Sub 6hrs Sub 2hrs 30mins Sub 1hrs 20 40
Sub 7hrs Sub 2hrs 45mins Sub 1hrs 10mins 10 20
Above 7hrs Above 2hrs 45mins Above 1hrs 10mins 5 10

The winner of the Run Club Challenge will be the one with the highest accumulated points from all its members. The Run Club Champion will walk away with:
– Recognition of international friends through the website, Facebook Fan Page, Instagram page of the Organizing Committee.

– If you register as Corporate Challenge, you will compete in the Corporate Division field.