Pen Breakdown

Only less than 8 days left until the Inaugural Techcombank Ha Noi Marathon’s event week, make sure you know the starting points (pen) below to successfully finish the race!
– The starting line is divided into different starting points (Pen). You will be assigned to start in your appropriate Pen Area based on the estimated finishing time you had registered. At the marathon village, you will receive your BIB in the Race kit, check your BIB to find out where your Pen Area is.
– Participants in the Marathon, Half Marathon and 10km are required to start from different Start Pens which are marked A, B, C, D, E based on the estimated time of completion. Athletes are required to assemble in their respective Start Pens which are reflected on their running bib.
– Athletes who don’t register estimated finishing time will be assigned by the Organizer to Pen E.
– We had the right to change the Start Pens of the Athletes, where deemed necessary, without prior notice to the Athletes.
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