Corporate Challenge

The Techcombank Ha Noi Marathon Corporate Challenge provides a unique platform for companies to encourage their staff, clients and suppliers to embrace an active lifestyle.

Organised into three competing divisions based on each company’s total number of registered runners, TWO trophies will be awarded in each division to the winners of:

  1. Distance Challenge – based on the total aggregate kilometers completed by all registered runners.
  2. Time Challenge – based on the fastest average pace (minutes per kilometer) of all registered finishers.


In line with our marathon’s motto of ‘Be Greater Together’, the Corporate Challenge is designed to get the city’s workplaces competing with each other and showing pride in what makes Ha Noi such an incredible place to live.

Apart from the Time & Distance trophies in each division, the winning companies will also be eligible for complimentary tickets for the following year’s race, and various branding and sponsorship opportunities throughout the year.

Prizes Division 1 Division 2 Division 3
Complimentary Slots for the Techcombank Ha Noi Marathon 2021 10 5 3
Trophy There will be Distance and Time Trophy for each division – which the champions will keep for the whole year at their company and will be passed on to the next champion in the next event


– Each corporate will identify the Person In Charge (PIC) who will use the Corporate Registration link to access to the special registration portal (HERE).
– PIC will fill out his/her information and the corporate’s information.
– PIC will provide the total number of participants and make the payment in a bulk with flat rate for all distances. Agreements/ Contracts are required and VAT invoices can be issued if requested within a certain time frame, please contact the organizer.
– Based on the number of participants, corporates will be divided into 3 divisions with various special offer

Division I
(100+ participants)
Division II
(50-99 participants)
Division III
(20-49 participants)
42KM – Non Resident (*) 1,530,000 VND 1,190,000 VND 1,220,000 VND 1,250,000 VND
42KM – Resident (**) 1,390,000 VND
21KM – Non Resident (*) 1,140,000 VND 890,000 VND 910,000 VND 930,000 VND
21KM – Resident (**) 1,035,000 VND
10KM – Non Resident (*) 820,000 VND 635,000 VND 655,000 VND 675,000VND
10KM – Resident (**) 745,000 VND
5KM 480,000 VND 400,000 VND 420,000 VND 450,000 VND
Kids Run 385,000 VND 350,000 VND
(*) Non-Resident: Participant who does not own Vietnamese identification card or passport.
Participant who does not own Vietnamese identification card or passport. She/ he is currently living in Vietnam but does not have a temporary or permanent resident card.
(**) Resident: Participant who is Vietnamese, must provide Vietnamese identification card or passport.
Participant who does not own Vietnamese identification card or passport. But she/ he owns a temporary or permanent resident card.
It is compulsory to present your temporary or permanent resident card at the race kit collection. In any case participant fails to present the appropriate documentation in alignment with the registration information, the Organizer preserves the right to refuse delivering the race kit to participant.

Corporate Challenge & Prizes

  • The chance to win a Techcombank Corporate Challenge Trophy for your workplace
  • A simple and easy-to-understand payment process
  • A dedicated corporate lane for Race Kit pick-up
  • Customized Race BIBS including your corporate logo
  • A 5% discount on Booth Rental inside the Marathon Village

If you register as an individual in the Run Club Challenge, you will only be eligible to compete in the Run Club Challenge. Your average pace and kilometers completed will not be counted towards your company’s.